If you are interested
in the

of hand painted
gold leaf lettering,
or hand painted lettering,

you need not
look any further.

This is where
you will see
the brush
"Come Alive"
For the past 36 years,  I have put the touch of
hand painted pinstriping and lettering
on hundreds of semi-trucks
that travel from coast to coast.

Trucks, hot rods, motorcycles, model A's,
fire trucks, and buggies have paused long enough
to receive a personal touch
......the finishing touch that makes them
stand out above the others.
6436 N. Broadway
Wichita (Park City) Kansas  67219
Here at the Signworks
we can do your custom paint.  
Signs, Custom painted motorcycles,  
Gold leaf lettering or Striping

We work on anything that requires a personal touch,
with top quality craftsmanship.

We are located in Wichita, Kansas
in the heart of the Midwest.  
The shop is large enough to accommodate semi trucks
and is only one mile off of the interstate.  
You can purchase the
"Draggin Douglas" shirts
at the Signworks
in an assortment of
colors and sizes
The ART of
Hand Painted
and Pinstriping